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Christmas 2019 Party Game Ideas & Rules: From ‘White Elephant’ to ‘Christmas Charades’, 5 Games You Got to Play During Xmas Party


Christmas (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Christmas is almost here, and our inbox is flooded with Christmas party invitations, Xmas plans with friends and family and more. And if you are someone who is helping out your friends to organise their lavish Christmas parties, or if you are hosting a cosy Christmas gathering, there is one challenge that you are probably battling – the entertainment elements. Every party needs to have the fun and exciting elements that etch it in our memories, and Christmas themed games are a great way to ensure that your party is fun, enjoyable and entertains all the guests. But finding the right games that your guests will enjoy is a mammoth of a task. But whether you are throwing a small and special get together for your near and dear friends or an over-the-moon Christmas party for the kids in your house, here are some games that can make your party much more fun! Christmas Carols And Songs For Free Download Online: From ‘Jingle Bells’ to ‘Deck the Halls,’ List of Xmas 2019 Carols You Must Listen to Celebrate the Joyful Occasion.

White Elephant

Christmas is the season of gifting and giving. But getting gifts to a Christmas party with your friends can be a) expensive, and b) very confusing. This is the reason that White Elephant is the best Christmas Party game that every party needs. The rules are simple, ask all your friends to bring one gift, place all the gifts together, and then ask your guests to pick out one number each. The guest with Number 1, gets to go first and pick a gift, open it and showcase to the other guests and then the game of white elephant begins. The super fun part of this game has to be the fact that anyone can steal a gift that you get, and give you the change to once again chose another gift for yourself. Various rules make White Elephant an excellent game for socialising, some light-hearted bickering and all the fun. Christmas 2019: From Bethlehem to Zurich, 5 Cities to Witness Varying Xmas Celebrations.

And if you are considering this game for your party, here are three rules that will make the game easier. 

  1. The person with #1 will also go in last and be the final one to choose the gift. 
  2. Each gift can only pass three hands, meaning the third person will keep the gift. 
  3. The gifts all have a minimum budget.

20 Questions – The Christmas Edition 

20 Questions is a great game to play in a mall gathering. You think of an object, and your friends need to ask you yes/no questions that will help them guess the object that they are thinking about. If you are playing with a vibrant and creative bunch, then this game is bound to be all the more exciting. Considering it is the Christmas edition, the things that players think about the need to fit the theme! Christmas Eve 2019 Wishes & Images: WhatsApp Stickers, Xmas Greetings, GIF Image Messages, SMS and Quotes to Send on the Day Before Christmas Day.

Pro tips to ace this game: Here are the three questions that will help you narrow down the object 

  1. Is it in the room
  2. Is it living
  3. Is it red? 

Flip Cups

This is perfect for a kids party or a grown-up get-together. Just replace the water/ fruit juice in FLip Cups with beer and you have the ideal drinking game, that is sure to amp up your Christmas spirit! 

Christmas Charades

Charades is always a great game for any party. It is engaging, easy to organise and super fun to play. Whether you divide into groups of having an individual scoreboard, this is a game we have been acing for ages. Christmas Charades can mean anything from limiting your movies and carols to fit the Christmas theme to acting out the classic Christmas elements (like Santa, reindeer or even Christmas ornaments)! 

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This is an excellent game for any party with kids around. Relatively simple and straightforward to play, Pin The Nose is bound to put all the young energy at your party to a great place! All you need to play this super-engaging game is a framed poster of a reindeer, a textured shiny nose that Rudolph is famous for, and of course some festive blindfolds, and you are set for the fun festive game! 

We hope that these games help you in making your Christmas parties all the more delightful and helps you in spreading Christmas cheer!

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