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Diwali 2019 Namkeen Recipes: From Namak Pare to Chakli, Here’s How to Make Quick Party Snacks for Deepavali Celebration (Watch Video Tutorials)


Salt Pare and Chakali (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Can there ever be a festival without a list of pungent food? We all say no! Because India is a country of traditional food and festivals. No festival can ever be complete without delicious dishes. So, how ready are you for Diwali? The festival of lights is just a few days away. You are already engaged in traditional decorations and other preparations for the festival. But it is freshly salted and salted which takes more time and effort. It is easy to get those snacks and sweets from your favorite confectioner. However, preparing it in your home adds traditional charm to the festival. So, why not try it! Here we have got you with the best Diwali Namkeen recipe. From Naam Pare to Chakali, below how you can quickly make party snacks for Deepawali celebrations. Note that each Diwali 2019 snack recipe has been dedicated a video tutorial for your quick guidance. Light your home with this Deepavali with lamps, lanterns, fairy lights and candles.

Salt mercury

Naam Pare has a crispy and crispy texture and is best served with tea. The ingredients required for salt mercury are maida, semolina, salt, celery and ghee. The trick to crisp is to knead the dough as tightly as you can and fry deeply on very low heat. You can keep them in the store and have an evening cup of tea or a small bowl of coffee with salt mercury. Diwali 2019 Tasha Party: know how to play Kishori Patti, Indian poker games, rules and hand ranking

Potato Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia is a salty snack made with chickpeas flour and mashed potatoes. Add chili powder or chaat masala and salt as per taste. To get the perfect end, you are advised to deep fry the chunks and remove them from the oil on the kitchen tissue lined plate. Once the tissue has soaked the unwanted oil, store it in a container.


Another delicious recipe is a spiral shaped snack made with chakli, rice flour, gram flour, spices and herbs. To give the chakli a light texture, add fried gram in the process. Other ingredients include sesame, cumin, ajwain according to your taste. From Kali Puja to Tamil Deepawali, here is how the festival of lamps is celebrated in different regions of India.


Dal kachori is an absolute joy for any festival. They are actually deep-fried breads, made with dal chutney with spices and stuffed with a mixture of fine flour and baking powder. Super crisp, flaky and utterly delicious, kachoris are the ultimate snack your guests won't be able to resist.


Serving a plate filled with hot and crispy onion pakoras to its guests is the most preferred recipe. Diwali falls during the autumn, and most parts of the country prepare themselves for the winter season. Therefore, this quintessential snack made with flour, salt, mild spice and onion or any other vegetable as the main ingredient is the best recipe of all. It is easily prepared, especially when you have unexpected guests at home. 10 Precautionary measures Every parent should keep children safe from firecrackers on this Diwali.

This is the best and easiest recipe to make during the festival of lights. Making food at home can be difficult at times, as each method requires its special ingredients. But not for the above snacks! With all the original items you have at home, you can prepare these delicious dishes quickly and enjoy your Diwali party.

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