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Diwali Sale From Shop Hopping to Swiping! Online Retail Stores Take Over Traditional Shopping


Diwali Shopping (Photo Credit: File Image)

If someone asks you to express your first thoughts on Diwali, you will immediately call it a "festival of lights". In this way all of us also started writing our essays in schools and the details are still the same. It is one of the most awaited celebrations in India, whose vibes are also felt abroad for years. It is the most awaited time for school children because of the holidays, for the working professional because it is time for a little rest and for the retired person because its family gets time together. One of the most cherished memories of the festivals is the shopping of Hum Sab Diwali. Everyone has new traditional clothes, Diwali decoration items, lanterns, Rangoli, diya Etc. But are we doing anymore? Due to the online shopping trend, the good old decline in the market for Diwali shopping is declining. Diwali 2019: The things about the festival of lights that people miss the most from home.

For us as children, Diwali was more exciting because of shopping. We are sure that we will go out with the family to shop for new clothes. In fact, if there were two occasions where we knew we would definitely shop, it would be birthday and Diwali. And shopping with mother meant not only buying clothes, but choosing the appropriate lantern, she would choose rangoli, Lamps Etc. all are added to the cart.

With the easy availability of online shopping applications and offering festive sales, Diwali shopping has become more than scrolling on applications, compared to moving from one shop to another. Or rather, what can we say by moving from one app to another? Everything from a traditional dress to the kind of light you would like to decorate your home is available online. Another added benefit is the cashback offer and the ability to return your item within a few days.

There is a certain kind of indifference provoked when you remember your mother refusing to buy anything from a particular shop because it was expensive. The shopkeeper will not believe in bargaining and you will speak over each other's head. There was a budget to follow. And now, the same deal is replaced by online discounts. On application, you are shown the discounted price that you take advantage of and make you feel comfortable that you are not spending extra.

Shopping online is easy without a doubt, everything is delivered at your doorstep. But aren't you happy to go through crowded shops and get a good deal? Don't you remember not being able to hold the dress, mix it with your length, guess if it will fit you and only then buy it? Don't you forget to feel the texture of the rangoli with your hands while your parents bought some lights from an adjacent store?

To truly experience the festive experience, don't you think it's time to take back your shopping bag and market? Explore the small shops in the corner, go local with buying traditional goods, eat some street food on your way and boast about your race back home.

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