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Halloween 2019: Spooky Halloween Facts About This Observance That Will Creep You Out


Halloween 2019 (Photo Credit: File Image)

It is time to dress up dark, creepy outfits as Halloween 2019 is around the corner. Every year 31 October is marked in various countries, its one day which began as a day to honor the departed souls, martyrs and faithful believers, saints. Over time Halloween has been characterized by fickleness, scary tales, scary nights, and low moves or behavior. People dress up in scary outfits, have Halloween parties and Children ask for candy or do some trick. Before Halloween 2019, we give you some facts keeping in mind the scary element of the day.

10 scary facts about halloween

  • The celebration of Halloween began as a celebration of the honor of the dead. About 2,000 years ago, the Celts celebrated it as Samahin and they conducted some rituals to keep away departed souls. It was believed that on 31 October, the barrier between the living and the dead had weakened and the dead returned.
  • There is a belief that if one wants to see a witch on Halloween, one must wear their clothes outside and walk backwards. If you go out like this at midnight, you might see a witch! Want to try? Halloween 2019 Costume Ideas: Take inspiration from Billy Ellisch and wear different clothes for your costume party!
  • There is also a belief that witches gather two days of the year on 30 April, the eve of May Day and Halloween Day on 31 October.
  • Halloween bonfire actually came from bone fire! At the earliest ceremonies, there were bonfires as the sun would return after a long time. The Druid priests often threw the bones of the cattle into the flames, so it was a fire, eventually a bonfire.
    • According to some folklore, if bats fly around your house on Halloween night, this is a sign of ghosts nearby.
    • Some people are also afraid to celebrate Halloween. The medical term for this is samanophobia.
    • One of the popular Halloween symbols are owls and black cats. In the medieval period, it was believed that if you call an owl it was a warning of someone's death. Black cats were also regarded as witches.
  • The most popular colors of Halloween are orange and black. Orange is a symbol of some crop and thin colors, black is a symbol of death and darkness. Halloween is a celebration between life and death, so these two colors are associated with the festival.
  • In China, during Halloween celebrations, people hang lanterns like dragons and animals. These are believed to bring wandering spirits back home.
  • Halloween is said to be a dangerous tradition for children, as they are more likely to be killed! A study last year showed that a pedestrian has a 43 percent risk of death, with four additional children dying from accidents or treatment.

These are some startling facts and beliefs about the festival holiday. The field of beliefs varies but is observed by looking at the spook factor. Over the years the celebrations have evolved into Halloween themed parties and events. The next time you are attending a Halloween celebration or party, make sure you share some scary backgrounds and facts with your friends.

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