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Hola Mohalla 2020 Date, Schedule & Significance: Know More About the Festival Celebrated From Holi By The Sikhs


Hola Mohalla Celebrations at Anandpur Sahib (Photo Credits: Twitter/aanvindersingh)

Happy Hola Mohalla 2020: The festival of Hola Mohalla is here and the excitement levels are sky-rocketing. The occasion of Hola Mohalla, also known as Hola, is a day-long festival that is celebrated by the people of Sikh community around the world. There are grandeur celebrations and traditional festivities organised which are observed in high spirits. There’s a lot more to know when it comes to the Hola Mohalla festival. If you, too, are looking for more information on Hola Mohalla 2020, its date, schedule and significance, then you have arrived at the right place, as we have covered it all for you here below.  Songs Showcasing the Martial Skills of Sikh Community. 

What is the date and schedule of Hola Mohalla 2020?

Hola Mohalla 2020 will be celebrated on March 10, which will fall on Tuesday this year. The festival of Hola Mohalla is usually observed a day after the festival of Holi is celebrated. Also, a lot of people (who will observe Holi on March 10) will celebrate the Hola Mohalla festival on March 11. Looking for Hola Mohalla’s schedule this year? Here it is.

Hola Mohalla is a day-long festival but the festivities are a 3-day affair. This year the Hola Mohalla festivities will begin on March 10 and end on March 12. Again, for people who will observe the festival on March 11, they will celebrate the 3-day event starting from March 11 and ending on March 12.

What is the significance of Hola Mohalla?

The festival of Hola Mohalla is an annual fair that takes place at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab in an extravagant manner. The practice of organising such a ceremonial fair was started by the 10th Sikh Guru, i.e. Guru Gobind Singh.

It is said that Guru Gobind Singh had recently established Khalsa Panth, and was embattling both the Mughal Empire and the Hill Rajputs at that time. In 1701, he began a new tradition, where mock battles, military drills, and poetry contests were held at the Lohgarh Fort. The tradition then spread from Anandpur Sahib to Kirtarpur Sahib, and then to all the Gurudwaras around the world eventually.

The people of Sikh community participate in daredevil acts like standing erect on two speeding horses, tent pegging, Gatka (mock encounters), bareback horse-riding etc. They display their strength and valour by performing such activities. Also, there’s a dash of music, colour, and poetry to lighten the atmosphere and enjoy the feel of the Hola Mohalla festival.

Religious lectures and langars (community kitchen service) are a common sight during this time. People visiting Anandpur Sahib are served with traditional cuisine as well. Another motive to celebrate Hola Mohalla was to unite the people and strengthen their morale.

As March 10 nears, we at LatestLY, wish you all a very “Happy Hola Mohalla 2020” and hope you have a great 3-day festival this year around. If you are looking for Hola Mohalla 2020 quotes in Punjabi, you can click here.

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