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How Diwali is celebrated around the World


Diwali Celebrations Around the World: Today, Diwali celebration has not remained limited in India. Instead, it is celebrated with huge pomp and show in many other countries of the world. Even though rituals and activities may vary, the ultimate essence of the festival i.e. victory of good on evil has remained same in different places and in varying time zones.

Diwali Celebrations Around the World
Diwali Celebrations Around the World

Diwali in Mauritius
Mauritius has 63percent of staggering Indian origin people, among which 80percent follow the Hindu religion. Indeed, Diwali festival has a huge significance in the island and celebration takes place almost around the same time, as it takes place in India.

People lit beautiful earthen lamps around their properties to make the Mauritius island appearing as a picturesque landscape. Hindus also prepare varieties of sweets to celebrate the occasion. Along with Hindus, people belonging to other cultural beliefs and religions become the part of the Hindu counterparts during the celebration. Diwali also indicates the beginning of the summer season in Mauritius Island country.

Diwali in Japan
Recognized as the country of the rising sun, Diwali in Japan indicates happiness, progress, prosperity and longevity. However, the way to celebrate the festival is somewhat different from the one celebrated in India.

People in Japan move out to orchards and gardens, while hang paper-made structures and colorful lanterns on various tree branches. Also, wallpapers are used to decorate various worship places to bring a festive mood among the people involved in celebrating Diwali festival.

Diwali in Australia
Australia has approximately permanently settled 100,000 Indian people and most of them are Hindus. Diwali is thus a major festival featuring varieties of Diwali events, such as fairs and carnivals in Melbourne and Sydney. The events also feature display of fireworks and footstalls offering varieties of Diwali sweets as well as other delicacies. Also, Diwali celebration in Australia has musical performances and burning of Ravana’s effigy.

Diwali in Malaysia
Diwali festival in Malaysia is popularly recognized as Hari Diwali and it is a public holiday across the country. Rituals start with traditional oil bath followed by visiting to temples and offering prayers at various household altars. Priests decorate temples with oil lamps and flowers, while concerts and parades take place in few of the big cities.

Diwali in Thailand
For a long time, Thailand is known as a culturally rich country and hence, Diwali is a major festival among Hindus there. Thai people also lit diyas during Diwali festival. However, diyas in Thailand are made by using banana leaves to hold a coin, candles and incense. People also set the diyas afloat on the river to create a spectacular sight for both local area people and outside visitors.

Diwali in Nepal
Diwali is popularly known as Tihar in Nepal and it is celebrated in a grand way for 5days. During the festival, people not only worship the Goddess Lakshmi but also crows, dogs, cows and other animals. Also, Nepalis play Bhailo and Deusi, where girls and boys go dancing and singing to different homes.

While homeowners give these girls and boys offer money or food items, Deusis and Bhailos give blessings. Diwali in Nepal ends with the ritual of Bhai Tika, where sisters give tika i.e. a colored powder on their brother’ forehead and a garland of various flowers. The main purpose of Bhai Tika ritual is to pray for the prosperity and long life of brothers.