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Indian woman files for divorce over husband’s ‘single’ Facebook status



An Indian woman has filed for divorce after her husband failed to change her relationship status to get married on the social networking site Facebook.

The 28-year-old has already sought divorce from the family court, urging that she cannot trust him after failing to declare her marriage on the website.

The Telugu couple had arranged the Orange Marriage two months earlier and the case was filed in the court of Aurangabad, where the woman apparently resides.

& # 39; Deccan Chronicle & # 39; According to her defense, her husband told the court that he had forgotten to update his position, with the judge giving the two sides six months.

High court advocate Subhash said, “I came to know about the said incident from the magistrate in Aurangabad court.”

“The Hyderabadi husband had told the judge that he was so busy after marriage with the family and his furniture business that he had no time to check his FB or change his position.

“He was willing to do this or is still activating her account, however, the woman was not keen on continuing the marriage and she says her husband would be chatting behind her back and that she would Can’t trust, “he said.

However in some cases it is believed that a breakdown has occurred due to failure to change the relationship status. According to lawyers, Facebook is now increasingly used as a source of evidence in divorce cases.

According to the law firm Divorce-Online, the social networking website was cited as the reason for a third divorce last year, with inappropriate behavior being a factor.

The firm said it has seen a 50 percent jump in the number of behavior-based divorce petitions, including the & # 39; Facebook & # 39; in the past two years. The word was included.

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