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Mahalaya Amavasya 2019 Date, Significance, Pitru Paksha


Mahalaya Amavasya, Which is also known as Pitru Paksha. It is the day of Amavasya and is considered the start day of the Dussehra festival. This day is unique and is celebrated to express our gratitude and express our gratitude at the demise of our ancestors and elders. Mahalaya Amavasya is celebrated every year, and this year it falls on 28 September and is a day on Saturday. More other details about Mahalaya Amavasya significance are discussed here in later sections of the article.

Mahalaya amavasya

Mahalaya Amavasya has different names such as Pitru Amavasya, Peddala Amavasya, Sarvapita Mavasya or Simple Mahalaya. This day is the last day of Pitru Paksha, which is celebrated for 15 days. Also, this Pitru Paksha is called by various names like Pitru Paksha, Mahalaya Paksha, Sola Shraddha, Apara Paksha, Pitru Paksha and Pitrupaksha.

Mahalaya amavasya

Tha day is mainly celebrated to seek blessings from our ancestors and older generations. On this day, people feed their elders and bless them to free them from all evil and evil. Providing food to the fathers on Mahalaya Amavasya is known as Shraddha.

Mahalaya Amavasya, Pitru Paksha 2019 dates

According to Hindus, Lord Vishnu has allowed all departed souls to visit the earth and bless their family members with joy and happiness. By taking blessings from them, the family is free from sorrows and obstacles. Most of the people believe that their ancestors are present in the world in the form of spirit and they have to take blessings on this special day in the name of Mahalaya Amavasya or Pitru Paksha.

Even scientists say that humans have existed on the planet for 20 million years. Therefore this festival is celebrated by praying for our ancestors and taking blessings from them. The words we are speaking, the language, the clothes, the way we sit, stand and sleep, and what, all the activities that we are not doing come from our ancestors. That is, our ancestors follow the things we have been seeing for many generations.

Mahalaya Amavasya importance, importance

We have taken many things from our older generations. Before this man is the first person to invent about tools, machines, and more. It is the only person who can use tools including his body. Our ancestors gave us and taught us how to dress and make things more straightforward and more. So keeping this in mind, we have to thank them for everything that they gave to us and our generations to come. This Mahalaya Amavasya is the day where we can show our respect and gratitude to our elders of the older generation.

Mahalaya Amavasya is one of the great honors given to our ancestors before the beginning of Navratri. We thank them by offering them holy and special food items. This Mahalaya Amavasya is celebrated for 15 days, and this period of days is known as Pitru Paksha. This name itself says that Pitru means ancestors or elders and Pakga means 15 days. So these days we thank our elders and offer them pandas. This Pitru Paksha begins on Bhadrapada Shukla Poornima and ends on Ashwin Krishna Amavasya also known as Mahalaya Amavasya.

What is Mahalaya Amavasya and Pitru Paksha

People perform Shraddha ceremony on this Pitru Paksha, which means that the day our ancestors died, Pinddaan was performed. It is that they perform these rituals based on the customs they have left. They believe that offering them brought them blessings of happiness, prosperity and long life. Individuals who have this procedure and disagree with the following may encounter some ancestral defects, and they are listed here.

  1. The elder of the family gets some chronic diseases.
  2. A person who is about to get married may delay their wedding date.
  3. Frequent disturbances and illness occur in the family.
  4. There may be some financial crisis in his family.
  5. They lose mental and physical strength.

Pitra Puja Guidelines on Mahalaya Amavasya 2019

  1. Those who follow this ancestral worship should not give any non-veg to their ancestors.
  2. They should not be even during the whole day of Mahalaya Amavasya.
  3. On this day, respect the elders and seek their blessings.
  4. Use only a plate of leaves to offer food to fathers or ancestors.
  5. Do not use any plastic, steel or iron plates to feed the elders on these ancestral sides.
  6. Do not ring any bell at the time of worship.

Mahalaya Amavasya Ritual

The person who celebrates Mahalaya Amavasya, first of all has to give pinddaan to his ancestors. To this day, they call a Brahmin and perform some puja along the banks of the river. While doing so, they were punch with the top open and held a ring made of leaves. They then perform the Shraddha ceremony for the ancestors in the family. They provide food to the elders, and that food should be cooked on its own and provided in leaves, but not in plates. The menu may include masala vada, payasam and unripe rice.

Then after worshiping, they give food to Crow, and they believe that their ancestors have food. Later they have to provide food to Brahmins and cows. Now, after all these rituals take place, family members can have their lunch. This is the entire process performed by people on this Mahalaya Amavasya. Check the time table for more other events and updates.