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National Milk Day 2019 Date And Significance: All About The Day That Celebrates The Life of Dr Verghese Kurien


National Milk Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

Milk is essential in our everyday life and is easily accessible and readily available. The story behind this ease and the incredible man behind it is celebrated every year in India on National Milk Day. We are, of course, talking about Dr Verghese Kurien, who is also known as the Father of the White Revolution in India. Every year, his birthday, November 26, is celebrated as National Milk Day across the country. This annual commemoration of the founder of Amul began five years ago, in 2014, when all dairy majors of India, along with the Indian Dairy Association, came together for this celebration. Is Milk Safe for Diabetes? Find Out if Dairy Raises Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics.

Dr Verghese Kurien was the social entrepreneur who planned and executed Operation Flood, the world’s largest agricultural dairy development program. His pioneering ideas that empowered the Indian dairy system also helped millions of farmers to gain a reliable employment option that made them self-sufficient. His contribution to the Indian dairy industry has been monumental and this has been recognised and celebrated by every Indian. This is the main reason that November 26 was coined as National Milk Day in India.

When is National Milk Day celebrated?

National Milk Day is celebrated in India on November 26 every year. This observance began as recently as 2014, when for the first time in India’s history, the complete dairy industry came together to celebrate this day as National Milk Day in the memory of Dr Verghese Kurien. The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Indian Dairy Association (IDA), along with around 22 state-level milk federations, took this decision. Since then, every year the innovative thoughts, processes and systems designed by Dr Kurien are celebrated and highlighted on this day. All the institutes that Dr Kurien founded also celebrate this day with great zeal and excitement.

Why is National Milk Day celebration important?

Milk has always played a significant role in our growth and development. However, the access to good quality milk as well as the ease of supplying it was a foreign concept for the longest of time, before Dr Vergheses Kurien came into the picture. He not only designed systems and processes that ended the issue of fluctuating milk outputs that were inefficient but also gave millions of farmers the means of living self-sufficiently with the help of Dairy Farming. His contributions have been recognised internationally and the story behind the formation of the highest-selling brand – Amul – is still famous across the world. 6 Healthy and Delicious Ingredients You Can Add to Your Milk and #EnjoyDairy.

Dr Kurien did not stop at providing a solution to the farmers’ issues but also set up institutes like Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), which further helped them improve their overall personality and also manage their businesses better. He was a true innovator who planned for the development and well-being of all the farmers, who form a significant part of our country. Dr Kurien boosted Made-In-India milk before it was even conceptualised and was monumental in drafting various national and international policies.

It is important to understand that India does participate in the global celebrations that partake on January 11, which is World Milk Day. However, this Indian observance plays a significant role in remembering the contributions of Dr Kurien and the journey of the dairy sector in India. We hope that this National Milk Day helps you recognise and appreciate the contributions that have built the Dairy Farming Industry in India, and helps you to understand its roots. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy National Milk Day!

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