Home Sports Pakistan fail to secure 2020 Olympics hockey berth

Pakistan fail to secure 2020 Olympics hockey berth


Pakistan failed to secure a place in the hockey event of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as they defeated second-placed Netherlands on Sunday 6–1 in the second qualifier in Amsterdam.

The game was expected to be a close match after a long battle between the two sides. However, it turned out to be the way the Dutch put it on a masterclass against the Pakistani side.

Pakistan initially fared best, but the Dutch were counting on counter-attacks. They advanced to the ninth minute as Björn Kellerman's backhand strike netted.

Mink van der Virden's home side doubled their lead in the 17th minute thanks to a penalty stroke, while Mirco Prowse's backhand strike gave them a comfortable 3–0 lead in the 22nd minute.

The game then turned into a unilateral relationship with the host. Werden secured his second through the penalty corner and fourth from the Netherlands.

The Dutch side left no stone unturned in scoring as Terence Peters took the overall score to 5–0, 9–4, and Jip Jensen scored the Netherlands' sixth goal with a superb drag-flick.

Pakistan was down and out but Rizwan Ali consoled the visitors before the full time.