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Samsung Patents an Odd-looking Reverse Notch Smartphone


Maximizing screen real estate is something that every OEM is working on nowadays. In a similar attempt, Samsung has come up with the worst notch alternative ever. If you thought notches were bad, wait till you see Samsung’s reverse notch proposal.

One of Samsung’s patents, filed with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) last year, just surfaced online. The patent proposes a smartphone with a camel-like hump on top dubbed the ‘reverse notch’.

The patent is not very informative and does not include images but as usual, LetsGoDigital created a mock-up render that shows what the device will look like in case the patent makes it to the manufacturing stage (hopefully not).

This confusing new look is explained in the patents as:

The present design is a display module with a display panel attached to the back of the cover window used in a smartphone. The cover window includes a protruding portion at the top center and corresponds to the protruding portion. By placing the cameras, speakers, etc in there, the screen size can be maximized while creating a rectangle screen.

Currently, Samsung maximizes the screen size on its flagships by using punch-hole cameras. Before that, the company refused to join the notch trend since it did not want to accommodate a module that intruded into the screen.

This, however, compromises the design aesthetic of a smartphone. In any case, we’ll update you if we hear more about the reverse notch from Samsung.

Image via Let’sGoDigital

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