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Saturday night prime time binge has arrived


Finally, the much-awaited and much awaited drama series Alif has arrived. Looks like Saturday is going to be bi-worthy prime time on Jio Entertainment. As a series based on a novel by Omar Ahmed and starring Haseeb Hasan, Alif is very excited to see everyone, including the huge star-cast that includes Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajid Ali, Usman Khalid Butt, Ahsan Khan, Kubra includes Khan, Manzar Sehbai, Salim Mairaj and Lubna Aslam.

The first episode establishes the main characters upon whom the story will develop further. It is worth watching from the beginning. It seems that Alif will brighten the taste of classical Pakistani drama, incorporating all the elements, including dialogue, acting, co-ordination of scenes and most importantly the story. This is only the first episode and everything is on the spot. Motion content is credited for bringing such brilliant work to the screen.

Those who have already read the novel have an idea of ​​what the play is going to be. But if you don’t, let us know. The story of Alif is based on the letters of actress and beauty dancer Hussan A Jahan. She keeps writing to her husband but never posts these letters. The character is being played by Momin’s mother Kubra Khan, and her husband’s character is yet to arrive.

The episode began with child artist Pahlaj, playing the younger version of Hamza Ali Abbasi. The child desperately wants to meet his father and for this reason Allah starts writing to Mian, with the wish that God will send his father soon.

The story advances two timelines simultaneously, leading the viewer to demand greater concentration. And at the same time, camera work and cinematography are a treat to watch. The play also includes a story of calligraphy and we can display so much calligraphy and it has a connection, wait how the story unfolds in the coming episodes, this is just the beginning!

Sajal is winning hearts as Momal Sultan, a young struggling actress who needs money to arrange for her brother’s kidney transplant.

Hamza Abbasi made an impression playing the role of Momin, an influential arrogant film director. He has a plate full of attitude and has a history behind it. The first meeting between Momina and Momin did not go well, it will be interesting to see how the chemistry between them develops.

Momin has a huge fan following, with female actresses dying to get their attention. The first episode features two film stars played by Sadaf Kavel and Yashma Gill. It will be interesting to see both of them working hard to get Momin’s attention

However, Momina fails to cast in Momin’s film and is in grief at holding herself responsible for this attitude and questions Allah on her faith. She also takes an interest in calligraphy. As she takes the name of Allah, but with her lipstick, the struggling actress who cannot afford the proper craft for calligraphy.

The lead calligrapher is played by Manzar Sehbai, a veteran actor who is making his comeback to the screen with this alif. He plays the role of Momin’s grandfather, and the two do not seem to be in good terms with each other.

The character of Ahsan Khan and some others are yet to be seen, this episode makes us eagerly await the second episode.

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