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Wedding 2019–20 Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom: 5 Unique Presents to Give to the Loving Couple on Their Big Day


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One of the most glamorous seasons of the year is here—weddings. By this time, you must have received many wedding invitations, and a few more are in the queue that you know will knock your door soon. Nuptial ceremonies are special occasions. Not just for the would-be bride and groom, but everyone associated with them. As the big day for the couple approaches, you find yourself struggling between responsibilities and looking for the best gift that they will cherish a lifetime. Wedding gifts are precious and meant to have emotions within that shows your love, care and well wishes to the couple. And it has to be worthy and useful! You would not want to give something that the lovely couple cannot treasure for a long time at least. With the onset of wedding season 2019-20, here are five unique ideas that you can present to the loving bride and groom on their big day.

1. Couple Watches: 

Couple watches is the most sorted present that you can give to a couple on their wedding day. From chic smartwatches to evergreen matching designs, there are some great options that the various watch industries have to offer. And you got to find the best deal. Besides, there are options to even customise the watches for the couple. You can add your personal touch to make it timeless. Five Reasons That Make Paris the Most Romantic and Dreamy Honeymoon Destination for Couples!

2. Vintage Furniture: 

Who wouldn’t love antiques at their home space? And after marriage, couples love to decorate their space a little more to make it comfort and cosy. So, why not help them! There are tons of places you can shop for furniture at stores and even online. You are close to the would-be bride and groom, and you would have an understanding of their taste and what would they prefer. Just find out the best pieces, and if it is vintage, you know the designs will undoubtedly create its own charm.

3. Luggage Bags: 

Now or maybe a little later, the newlyweds surely go off to their honeymoon. Hence it becomes more sensible to gift them practical luggage bags. Whether their idea of a gateway is a weekend road trip, a yoga retreat in Bali or a romantic trip to Paris, they will surely need trolleys or backpacks in various shapes and sizes. The companies have greater deals for combos of trolleys in different sizes and some initiating major couple goals. Seven Important Things to Consider Before Booking a Perfect Venue for Your Marriage Ceremony. 

4. Signature Scent: 

Everyone loves to smell good. Buy them a rich and fresh bottle of perfume or cologne. The smell will always remind the couple of the day they married and also of you for giving them such a thoughtful gift. They are going to love it!

5. Holiday Gift Voucher: 

After the hectic wedding ceremonies, the couples would need a space to calm themselves before they get back to their daily lives. Even if not for a Honeymoon, you can buy them a Holiday voucher for a nearby place, a villa or resort where they can relax and enjoy their ‘us’ time, away from the responsibilities.

These are the five best and practical gift ideas that you can give to the bride and groom other than money or a jewellery set. While it could be easier and less stressful, the above list has more emotional and thoughtful value for the newlyweds. Enjoy the season of the wedding.

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