5 Things You Should Know About Laminate Flooring

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Due to increasing advancements in manufacturing technology, the popularity of laminate flooring is increasing among builders and homeowners. With advancements in laser-generated imaging, the laminated photographic image layer can accurately and attractively mimic any type of flooring on the market.

Want the marble tiles look in your kitchen and bathroom, but the look of hardwood floors in your living room? Not a big deal! The varieties of laminate floors are getting bigger and bigger.

If you are not accustomed to the new types of laminate flooring, now is the time to check them out. Laminate today doesn’t only resemble the plastic-looking laminate of the past. Let’s have a look at these 5 things you should know about laminate flooring.

#1 Costs

Laminate flooring is a very affordable alternative to other options, such as wood, ceramic, and stone. Suppose you want the wood look of your floors. Laminate can give you that look at a much lower price than the real thing. This is especially significant when your flooring budget needs to be economical while still allowing for a quality product.

#2 Installation

Except for carpets, new laminate flooring can be installed over almost any type of existing flooring. This means that the installation time can be drastically reduced. Because it is packaged as tongue and groove panels, the ease of installation is also a practical benefit for homeowners who want to install it themselves.

If you are installing laminate over existing floors in your kitchen, take steps to ensure that appliances return to their original position after installing new floors. Otherwise, you may need to tear off the old flooring before installing the new one.

#3 Life Cycle

With any flooring, you can’t think of the cost at the time of installation. You should also consider the life of the material and its strength in a particular environment. With laminate flooring, you are buying a relatively damageable product, which will wear out over time and need to be replaced. This means it may not be as cost-effective as other more premium options.

Another thing to consider regarding the life cycle of a laminate floor is when the material requires to be replaced, it is relatively easy to remove. With mortar or tacked items, you will often need to put a lot of effort or hire an expert to chuck out the old surface coating. However, the laminate can be gently pulled or lifted, leaving the sub-floor perfectly intact for later use.

#4 Maintenance

Laminate floors don’t exist in a vacuum cleaner, although a vacuum can be a great way to clean a floor. It is imperative to remember is that the material you choose will have to be taken care of only during overtime. Some of the cleaning procedures for other products can be complicated, expensive, and require the purchase of several specialty items. Fortunately, laminate has a protective layer that traps most of the dirt and debris on its surface, making it easy to wash whenever you want.

Cleaning laminate floors should generally only require sweeping, vacuuming, or regular cleaning. For more intensive cleaning regimes, a bar of very mild soap and water solution can be used to scrub or clean specific areas. However, you should not allow water to drain or remain on the surface for a long time, as this can cause insidious damage.

#5 Versatility

It is an extremely versatile product. “Laminate can replace almost any other surface,” said Lexie Psyhos, marketing manager for Performers Flooring in Bloomingdale. “It comes in panel or tile form, with the panel being the most popular type. It can be seen as wood, stone, or ceramic, so our customers can get the look they want. “They tried to do it.”

The 3D printing feature found in laminate flooring is so advanced that a box of hardwood-style laminate flooring can have up to half a dozen or more different appearance variations. Which refers to the grain and colors of the wood. This feature keeps the floor natural and authentic, like real parquet.

5 Things You Should Know About Laminate Flooring5 Things You Should Know About Laminate Flooring

In Conclusion

Laminate flooring is a great low-cost, low-maintenance option for a variety of spaces. However, they do wear out over time and are prone to water damage, so be sure to only install them in locations suitable for them.

The inner core of the material is wood or fibreboard that can be damaged by moisture, so avoid installations in a room with a floor drain or a sump pump. It’s also not an excellent option for bathrooms and laundries. You can put it in kitchens, but you will have to be obsessed with cleaning up any spills immediately. However, to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom, you can always consider laminate flooring.