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All Things You Need To Know On Ganesh Chaturthi Puja


The Chaturthi celebrated on this day is considered to be the biggest Ganpati in the fourth year of the year. On this day, devotees of ‘Bappa’ wait with reverence to bring Ganapati to their house. By the way, worshiping and worshiping Ganapati ji on any Chaturthi that falls throughout the year includes prosperity, good fortune and wealth in the house. But in the scriptures, the special importance of fasting and worship performed on today’s Chaturthi. Let’s learn how to worship Ganesh Chaturthi. Steps For Ganpati Murti Sthapana, Muhurat And Vidhi?

How to perform Ganpati Bappa Puja at Home

Decorate the house Grooming. Refine Be so beautiful that they will be happy as soon as they see your house. Smile up and say that just don’t go anywhere .. stay here. Pleasure, convenience, comfort, happiness, the more you put before Ganpati, the more you will get in response. Clean their place of establishment. First wash the place with water.

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Create the perfect systematic swastika with kumkum. Apply four turmeric points. Keep a fist intact. Place a small bajot, chowki or patta on it. Spread a red, saffron or yellow cloth on it. Lighting the location. Make the place beautiful and attractive with rangoli, flowers, mango leaves and other decorative materials all around.

Materials required for worship – In addition to all the statutes required at the time of installing the idol of Ganapati at home, these are as follows. Such as red flowers, durva, modak, coconut, red sandalwood, incense and incense sticks.

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja preparations

On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, get up in Brahma Muhurta and clean the bath and wear pure clothes. It is very auspicious to wear red clothes on this day. Worship Ganpati by sitting on a clean posture and facing towards east or north.

Know how to perform Ganpati Bappa Puja at Home

Know how to perform Ganpati Bappa Puja at Home

Coconut coats should always be on top. Ghee and sandalwood should not be stored in a copper urn. A lamp of ghee and a conch shell should be placed on the right-hand side of Ganesh ji’s place.
Also, keep betel nut.

Ganpati Puja Method

At the beginning of the worship, remember the recitation, Ganesha meditation and all the deities with intact, water and flowers in your hand. Now dedicate on Akshat and flower post. After this, wrap the molly in a betel nut and keep it slightly intact on the outpost and install the betel nut on it. Invoke Lord Ganesha.

Worship the Kalash after invoking Ganesh. Establish the urn in the north-east direction or to the left of the outpost. After the Kalash Pujan, do the Deep Pujan. After this, worship Ganesha through Panchopachara or Hexashopchar. Worship as per tradition. Perform Aarti.