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Best Hijri New Year Wishes And Ashura Day WhatsApp Status


Today we are going to talk about Muharram. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. This festival is celebrated in a grand manner by followers of Islamic religion from all over the world. The Islamic community considers this month the busiest month. Muharram or Muharram is a very grand festival of Islamic religion. This festival marks the beginning of the Islamic year.

Happy Muharram 1442 Quotes

The festival of Muharram is the beginning of the year because the calendar of Islam is the lunar calendar. The Sunni Muslim community is on the tenth day of Muharram, which is called the day of Ashura. During the festival, Shia Muslims perform various customs with different intentions.

Happy Muharram 1442: Best Hijri New Year Wishes And Ashura Day WhatsApp Status

  • Wishing you all a blessed Muharram. May all the blessings of Allah be with you through this year and always!

  • Al-Hijra! Wishing you from the core of my heart a happy new Islamic year that is full of luck, happiness, health and wealth.

  • May Allah forgive all of us and bless us with the opportunity to start afresh this New Year! Let’s start this year with the determination of achieving divine blessings of Him. Happy Muharram.

  • Muharram Mubarak to all my friends! Wish that this New Year brings on an abundance of happiness, health and prosperity in your life.

  • May Allah bless your heart with a joyful spirit that keeps glowing forever! Happy new Islamic year to you all.

  • Peaceful morning, cheerful noon, happy evening, and blissful night; may Allah grant you a wonderful year ahead! Happy New Hijri 1442.

  • Wishing you a very happy Muharram. May all of our sins are washed away and wishes are fulfilled through this New Year!

  • Salam Maal Hijrah 1442 H. Let’s pray to Allah Almighty to bless us a peaceful, blissful and happy new Islamic year.

This year Moharram will be celebrated on 29 August, Saturday. This day is a special day for Muslims and this day is celebrated with great reverence and devotion. The tenth day of this day is called asura. For this reason, we have brought special shayari, images, status, messages, of Muharram which you too can share with your family and friends. May your happiness and peace be maintained in this Muharram.

Happy Muharram 2020: Islamic New Year Wishes

Celebrate this pubrit Muharram with your family well. May this new year bring happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

Happy Muharram 1442: Best Hijri New Year Wishes And Ashura Day WhatsApp Status

Happy Muharram 1442: Best Hijri New Year Wishes And Ashura Day WhatsApp Status

  • “The mortal of God (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said: ‘The higher of abstinence once Ramadhan is abstinence Allah’s month of Islamic calendar month.” (Sahih Muslim)

  • Marking the day of Ashura’, we have got a bent to spotlight some quotes of data by Mohammedan Al-Hussain.

  • “The most generous person is that the one United Nations agency offers to facilitate to those that don’t expect him to help”

  • “Whoever seeks the satisfaction of individuals through the disobedience of God; Then God subjects him to people”

  • “Wisdom won’t be complete except by following the truth”

  • “To me, death is nothing but happiness, and living below tyrants nothing but living during a} very hell”

It is a period of mourning where the Muslim Shia community reminds of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the son of Hazrat Ali and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. In the month of Moharram, Imam Hussain, the younger Nawase of Hazrat Muhammad Sahab, the founder of the religion of Islam, and his 72 followers were slaughtered. Hazrat Hussain was martyred while fighting Yazid’s army in Iraq’s city of Karbala.

Happy Ashura Day Messages For Family & Friends

In Islam, only one God has been asked to pray. Things like deception, lies, manipulation, gambling, alcoholism are forbidden in Islam. Hazrat Mohammed followed these instructions and instructions were given to all Muslims and their families to follow these Islamic principles.

Happy Muharram 1442: Best Hijri New Year Wishes And Ashura Day WhatsApp Status

Happy Muharram 1442: Best Hijri New Year Wishes And Ashura Day WhatsApp Status

  • ”Beware that the need of individuals to you is among the blessings of God to you. so don’t restrain the poor folks once they are available back to you, as a result of God’s blessings will return and go elsewhere. “

  • ”One United Nations agency reveals your faults to you prefer a mirror is your true friend, and one United Nations agency flatters you and covers up your faults is your enemy. ”

  • ”Hastiness is foolishness.” Ashura Quotes On Whatsapp

  • ”Among the signs of content is disputation with irrational folks .”

  • ”Among the signs of a learned man is criticizing his own words and being suggested of varied viewpoints.”

  • ”Being glad for a grace of God makes God reward you with another grace.” Ashura Quotes On Whatsapp

  • ”Best of wealth is that thereupon one protects his fame and dignity.”

  • ”Avoid doing what you’ll later be asked to apologize for it! as a result of the believer doesn’t injury and doesn’t enkindle apology, whereas the beguiler invariably harms and apologizes. ”

  • ”When you’re irritated and don’t perceive how out, alone flexibility and moderation towards difficulties will stop.”

In order to prevent the spread of Kovid infection, this time during the Moharram in Delhi, the procession and Ganesh Puja will not take place in public places. As per the guideline issued by the central government, the procession/tazia will be banned during the Moharram.

Under an order issued by the Disaster Management Authority of the Delhi government, Ganesh Chaturthi has been banned from erecting a public statue of Ganesh or making a pandal. DDMA has been requested to celebrate these festivals with great pomp by following social distance. Also, DDMA has directed all concerned departments to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the central government.