Guinea Pig Appreciation Day 2020: Interesting Facts About This Pocket Pet You Probably May Not Have Known!

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day is observed on July 16 to celebrate these pocket pets. Domesticated in South America, they are loved and kept as pets by many people. They were domesticated and kept as livestock as far as 5000 BC. In the 1500s, traders brought them to the UK and came to be known as exotic pets as loyal began keeping them. As we observe Guinea Pig Appreciation Day 2020, we bring to you some interesting details about these little ones. Guinea Pig Appreciation Day 2020 Date And Significance: Know History of the Day That Celebrates the Cute Little Beings.

Not all guinea pigs are the same, some have lush coats while others have nothing at all. They love veggies and always munch on leaves and fruits. If you have Guinea Pigs at home, you can make them feel special on this day by getting them treats like some fresh green vegetables. Also, you can also buy them a cage where they like to laze around.

  • Guinea pigs originate from the Andes region of South America.
  • Although it is not known from where ‘guinea’ in their name, one theory suggests that they were first brought to Europe by Spanish explorers in the 1500s via Guinea in Africa. So people gave it in their names.
  • Male guinea pigs are called boars and females are called sows,
  • While they enjoy human affection, they like to be with their companions too.
  • Guinea pigs scent mark by rubbing their chin or cheeks across things.
  • They remain awake for up to 20 hours of the day.
  • Guinea pigs have four toes on their front feet, but only three on their back ones.
  • They live up to five to eight years. The oldest living guinea pig died in 1979 at the age of 15.

People celebrate the day by posting pictures with these little pets on social media using the hashtags #GuineaPigAppreciationDay. You can also let people know about the day and celebrate it by sending these facts. Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day to everyone who has one at home!

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