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Haft-Sin Table in Nowruz 2021: What Are the 7 ‘S’? Know Traditional Items and Significance of the ‘Seven Seens,’ to Celebrate the Persian New Year

Nowruz, also spelled as Navroz, is approaching with the arrival of the spring season. The celebratory occasion this year falls on March 20, and it lasts for 13 days in Iran. The Persian New Year is believed to be an extreme holy day, and people are engaged in spring cleaning before the arrival of the festival. Nowruz literally means ‘New Day,’ and it is the start of the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the very first day of spring. There are many customs and traditions followed during Nowruz, but the centre of celebration has to be the Haft-Sin table, also spelled as Haft Seen. The tradition includes putting seven symbolic objects together, all of which names commence with the letter S. So, what are the 7 ‘S?’ In this article, we will know more about one of the most beautiful traditions of Nowruz, and the hidden meaning behind it.

What is Haft-Sin?

Haft-Sin or Haft-Seen is an arrangement of seven symbolic items whose names start with the letter, ‘S,’ or ‘س.’ The table represents nature, and Iranian families take great pains to create the most beautiful Haft-Seen table that they can. Not only does it embody values both traditional and spiritual, but it is also the centre of Nowruz decorations among families. The Haft-Seen table remains in the houses until the last day of New Year’s holidays, which lasts for 13 days.

What Are the 7 ‘S’ Items in Nowruz Haft-Sin Table?

1. Sabzeh (wheatgrass grown in a dish)

2. Samanu (sweet pudding made from wheat germ)

3. Senjed (sweet dry fruit of the lotus tree)

4. Serkeh (Persian vinegar)

5. Seeb (apple)

6. Seer (garlic)

7. Somaq (sumac)

How to Decorate Halt-Sin Table?

Apart from the items that start with the initial ‘S,’ there are other elements too that are added to the table to make it look more attractive. To adorn the setting, people include mirrors, candles, coloured eggs, hyacinths, coins and clocks. The ‘book of wisdom,’ or the ‘divan of Hafiz,’ is another important item on the table. And the most controversial members of the spread are gold-fish in a bowl, attracting flacks from environmentalists and animal rights activists. While some may have foregone the addition, adding ceramic replicas instead, many continue to buy the same during Nowruz.

Many other things are added to the Haft-Sin table depending on people’s choice and taste. Some even follow a theme each year, matching the entire house decoration on Nowruz celebrations, showing off their creativity to the best!

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