International Red Panda Day 2020 Date, History and Significance: Here’s Why It Is Important to Raise Awareness About the Red Pandas and Protect the Mammals

It’s International Red Panda Day 2020 today, September 19. Every year, on the third Saturday of September, the day is observed. International Red Panda Day is dedicated to the red pandas—a mammal species native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. The animal is listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List because the wild population continues to decline because of habitat loss, fragmentation, poaching and inbreeding depression. The day is aimed to raise awareness about the red pandas and everything the species face. As we celebrate International Red Panda Day 2020 today, here we bring you the history and significance as to why it is important to raise awareness about red pandas.

International Red Panda Day 2020

International Red Panda Day falls on different dates every year, because it is observed on the third Saturday of September. International Red Panda Day 2020 is on September 19.

International Red Panda Day History and Significance

Red pandas are much smaller than the more familiar black and white pandas. They are not related to giant pandas at all. They weigh between 12 to 20 pounds, and the adorable mammals live in the trees of the Himalaya Mountains. But only about 10,000 red pandas live in the wild. Deforestation, poaching and the illegal pet trade made the red pandas endangered. It was the Red Panda Network who launched this day and reserved the third Saturday of September for the adorable animal.

The red panda has reddish-brown fur, a long, shaggy tail and a waddling gait due to its shorter front legs. It is roughly the size of a domestic cat. The day is marked to create awareness about the red pandas and how to conserve their population. Many conservation organisations, and zoos all around the world celebrate the day. Some zoos celebrate by having informational presentations about red pandas. Again, there are several organisations that host activities that educate the public on the importance of red panda conservation.

Because of the pandemic, public gatherings or major events have been cancelled in many parts of the world. However, you can increase your knowledge about the red pandas and how you can protect their habitat by reading more about the red pandas. You can also donate to the groups that strive to protect the red panda.

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