International Vulture Awareness Day 2020: Fascinating Facts About The Birds Which Are Environmentally Necessary Creatures

September 5 marks the observance of International Vulture Awareness Day. It is marked every year on the first Saturday in September. As the name suggests, it is about raising the importance of vultures and also highlight the work of conservationists. It celebrates all 23 species of vultures. Did you even know there are so many species of these birds in the first place? There are different activities held on this day such as quizzes, trivia, documentaries and events around these birds. The more one knows about these birds is why one would also focus on their conservation efforts. So on IVAD 2020, we have got you a list of fascinating facts about these birds. National Wildlife Day (US) 2020: 10 Incredibly Fascinating Facts About Wild Animals That Will Change The Way You Look at the Animal Kingdom.

Interesting Facts About Vultures

    • Vultures play a very important role in the environment by feeding on the carcass of the dead. Thus they play an important ecological role as they also prevent the spread of diseases from old corpses.
    • They have such an excellent sense of smell thay can find out a dead animal or a meat from more than a mile away. So they have large territories and spend time to locate their meal.
    • While the meat they eat can prove dangerous to other animals around, vultures have bare heads and necks so the parasites cannot burrow into their thick feathers. They also have strong acid in their stomach which kills the bacteria.
    • They have comparatively weak feet and legs so they are unable to carry the prey over distances. So they regurgitate the food and then feed it to their young.
    • Vultures practice a process called urohydrosis, which is when they urinate on their legs to cool off on hot days. Their urine helps kill the parasites they could have picked up from the dead meat.
    • The largest vulture species is Andean condor found in South America. Their wingspan is about 10 to 11 feet on extending its wings. Fact Check: Video of Jatayu Bird From Ramayana Spotted in Kerala is Fake! Know Truth About Viral Clip of Andean Condor.
    • Vultures vomit to lighten their body when they face a threat. It is their defense mechanism to deter the predators.
    • Scientists study their unique sense and abilities and want to consider if they can use the birds to find bodies from crimes. These birds can someday be used in forensic analysis.
    • Vultures are among the few animals who knew how to use tools. Egyptian vultures use rocks to break open ostrich eggs.

Did you know any of these facts? But today is an apt day to read through and share the facts about these birds. It also emphasizes on why they need to be protected.

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