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Karam Festival 2020 History, Significance, Date And How It’s Celebrated In Jharkhand


Karam festival is on Saturday, 29 August. The meeting of the Jharkhand Cultural Forum was held under the chairmanship of the founder and chief patron Rajendra Mahato at Chas Dharamshala Mor. In view of the coronavirus in it, it was decided to postpone the Karam Java Festival this year. Rajendra Mahato said that for the past many years, Karam Jawa Parab has been organized to symbolize the deep love of siblings based on the culture of Jharkhand.

Karam Festival History

But this time it has been postponed in view of Corona. The work of spreading the culture to the people was done throughout Jharkhand. Due to which Karam Java Parab gained popularity. People are being awakened and celebrated in the village. This year too grand and extensive program was to be held. The event was postponed due to the epidemic. Aashram Web Series Review

Karam Festival 2020 History, Significance, Date And How It's Celebrated In Jharkhand

Karam festival is one of the major festivals of Jharkhand and is quite popular. This festival is celebrated with full fervor on the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi of the month of Bhado. This festival is celebrated not only in Jharkhand but also in Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh with full enthusiasm and pomp.

Karam festival Significance

The main purpose of celebrating this festival is the sister’s wish for the happiness and prosperity and longevity of the brothers. It has been a tradition of the people of Jharkhand that this festival is celebrated after the paddy is planted.

When the earth is spreading its sheet of greenery, then the joy of celebrating Karam festival with happiness increases further. Today, the scientists of the country have also acknowledged that mountains, mountains, forests, bushes, river drains, trees and plants have become an unbreakable part of our lives.

How Is the Karam festival celebrated?

Trees and plants keep the environment balanced. Due to which it rains on time. Without it our life is impossible. Because these qualities of nature have to be identified and protected.

On this day, mountains, mountains, forests, trees, rivers, and groves are worshiped. The flora is bowed. Holding each other’s hands, the girls sing the song to awaken Java. Java is awakened by dancing songs every morning and evening. The Karam tree is worshiped with full devotion. The story of Karam and Dharma is recited after worship. All sisters gather and decorate Java Dali for immersion.