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Know Date, Theme And Significance of This Day

World Environment Day is celebrated across the world on June 5. It’s important to care for the environment we live in, not only for our health but for our survival too. With the Coronavirus pandemic, the usage of plastic has increased two-fold. Also Read – Serum Institute Seeks Indemnity Protection Against Liabilities: Sources

The report, titled State of Finance for Nature, released by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) said that public and private actors will need to scale up their annual investments by at least four times to meet future climate, biodiversity, and land degradation targets. By 2050, a total investment of nature needs will amount to USD 8.1 trillion, while annual investment should reach USD 536 billion annually by 2050. Also Read – US Researchers Start Testing Mix-and-match Covid Vaccine Boosters

Theme of World Environment Day 2021:

The theme for 2021 World Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration. In 2021, Pakistan will play a global host of World Environment Day. The event will see the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Also Read – Clinical Trials of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin Begins on Children at AIIMS, Patna

History of World Environment Day:

The UN General Assembly had established World Environment Day (WED) in 1972 after discussions on the integration of human interactions and the environment during the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. And it was after two years that the first WED was held with the theme ‘Only One Earth’. Celebrations were held annually from 1974 to mark the day, and then in 1987, it was decided the centre for the activities should be rotated so that different countries can host it.

Significance of World Environment Day:

The main idea behind marking June 5 as World Environment Day is so that we are aware of what is needed to be done to protect our environment. The day raises awareness about environmental issues like global warming, marine pollution, human over-population, protection of wildlife, and sustainable consumption. It has spread so far and wide, that WED has become a global platform for countries to reach out to the public.