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Tulsi Vivah Latest Rangoli Designs to Draw This Festival

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Tulsi vivah 2020: Tulsi vivah is the main festival of Hinduism, every year Tulsi marriage is done on Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. This year, this Ekadashi date starts on 25 November and ends on 26th. In Tulsi’s marriage, Mata Tulsi is married to Lord Shaligram. It is believed that the person who performs the ritual of Tulsi marriage gets a virtuous fruit equal to the bestow.

Tulsi vivah is celebrated in many parts of India, Shaligram is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the legend, once Tulsi angrily turned Lord Vishnu into a stone by cursing. To get rid of this curse of Tulsi, Lord Vishnu incarnated Shaligram and married Tulsi. Tulsi Maiya is considered to be the incarnation of Maa Lakshmi. Tulsi marriages are also performed on Dwadashi in some places. if you’re searching for Latest Rangoli Design’s for Tulsi vivah festival. then, you are at right place

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We came here with Tulsi Vivah Latest Rangoli Designs to Draw This Festival

Latest Rangoli Designs

Video Title: Tulsi vivah rangoli design l by Pallavi Vinod ll तुलसी विवाह स्पेशल रंगोली l

Video Title: Easy Tulsi Vivah Special rangoli Design by 9T9 Arts | Tulsi aur Ganna Pooja ke Liye Sunder Rangoli

Video Title: तुलसी विवाह रंगोली डिझाईन | rangoli design by Aarti shirsat | Top rangolis

Video Title: Tulsi vivah rangoli | Attractive tulsi vivah rangoli | easy tulsi vivah rangoli /tulsi vivah rangoli

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