World Vasectomy Day 2020 Date, History & Significance: Let’s Talk About Myths Surrounding the Permanent Method of Birth Control for Males

It is World Vasectomy Day 2020.  Also known as WVD, the annual event takes place every year on October 18. The idea behind the day is to raise awareness about vasectomy all around the world. Vasectomy is one of the fee male-oriented birth control method , extremely safe and  easy way to prevent unintended pregnancies. However, it needs more awareness and therefore this day is celebrated. On this day, doctors who perform vasectomy come together and help create awareness via events and get-togethers. Testicular Pain: Here’s Why Your Testicles Have Been Hurting.

However, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the events may be held via Skype and social media platforms. This year, the WVD will take place in Brazil. But what is vasectomy?  Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception. During the procedure, the male vasa deferentia are cut and tied or sealed so as to prevent sperm from entering into the urethra and thereby prevent fertilization of a female through sexual intercourse.

World Vasectomy Day History

The history of World Vasectomy Day dates back to 2012. The American film-maker Jonathan Stack while he was working on a documentary about the decision of having a vasectomy when the goal was to involve men in family planning decisions and educate them about vasectomies as a simple way of taking responsibility for birth control. According to the website, in 2013, prolific vasectomist Dr Douglas Stein was scheduled to perform vasectomies in front of an audience at the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) to launch the inaugural World Vasectomy Day with the world’s first live-streamed vasectomy.

Vasectomy Myths

There are several myths that surround this procedure of male birth control that discourages most people from opting for it. Here are some of the myths that must be busted:

  • Performing a vasectomy is unsafe: This is absolutely wrong.  Not only is a a quicker procedure but it’s also very safe.
  • It is a difficult surgical procedure: It is not. In fact, there are two ways to perform a vasectomy, including a no-scalpel vasectomy. They can both be be performed very safely and effectively and carry almost no risk.
  • It doesn’t heal soon: that is not the case. In fact, the healing takes place really sooner and is only sometimes followed minor symptoms. Apart from rare swelling and soreness there isn’t a long lasting effects post vasectomy.
  • Does vasectomy make men stops producing sperm? After a vasectomy, it’s the sperm’s ability to be released that’s blocked off, not the ability to produce sperm.

Don’t let some old tell tale myths stop you from taking the step. It is not only safe but also advisable from the experts that if you are looking for perfect method of permanent birth control, vasectomy is your way to go.

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